Monday, September 22, 2008


Ok so what girl doesn't like shoes???? Well i LOVE shoes....I probably have way to many for my own good, but that's besides the point!!! I think i am at about 100 pairs or so!!!! This picture is of an older pair of blue lace ups but i love them and i thought this was a cool pic so i had to post it!!!
This is a pair of some new shoes that i just bought, um don't mind the yellow sticker in the inside! It won't come off.... lol.... i love these shoes though, and i couldn't pass them up, they were on sale!
Close up of the big button that's on the front!
Another pair of new shoes!!! They are a charcoal gray with a very cute bow on the front!!! Love them too!!!! And they were also on sale !!!
Close up of the bow!! I really need therapy or something!!! :*)


Britney H said...

Hey Sher... Both of those pair are gorgeous!! I must need therapy too.. OBSESSED with shoes AND purses!!! LUV IT!!

Leeshers said...

SHEREMY... HI long time no talk... I saw your blog and I have to say I'm with you on being a lover of Shoes... I LOVE SHOES!!!! I have over 100 pair last time I counted but thats including flip flops and 1 pair of slippers:) I love the red pair of shoes... Chloee, Adrianne's little sister has them.

MysticsKryten said...

hay sherm! i must totally agree on the shoes... silly me bought some turquoise ones, aint worn 'em yet, and bought some more! i think i'm crazy... buying shoes even before i get a chance to wear the ones i got before that! glad to know i'm not the only one!
love ya!

Bekki said...

Ok, I love the shoes, especially they grey ones, but I WANT the tights you have on in the first picture. They're soo adorable!