Thursday, July 31, 2008

flyin by???

Does anyone else feel the same way??? This year is literally flyin by us at a speed that is incomprehensible!!! I cannot believe that it is already August! Five months until Christmas!! wowzers.... i always have heard my "elders" say, "don't grow up to fast!" "Be a kid", and now i know what they mean. Lets face it, none of us are getting any younger and many of you are already married and have children, i don't even have that excuse yet!! :) but i do know that my life is going by very fast! So its my plan to make every day count! Live each day to the fullest and be everything that you can be! Don't put off things, and always live for today and not in the past!!!

I hope that you have a wonderful week!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hat Night

Me and Nay...
Me, Gav, and Nay
Moriah, Cat, Nay and I in my car on the way to go eat after service! fun times!!
me and nay! don't care for this pic but oh well!! :)
me just being dumb!

This past Sunday night i decided that i was going to wear a hat! I LOVE hats~ i have about 15 some i wear some are just for decoration! But anyways my sister had one on we decided to take a few pics after service! Gavin was matching us so my mom made him come take a pic with us too!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

~$aving money, energy, and $hedding weight~

For the past week i have been walking to work!!! Can you believe it?!?! Neither can i! I was getting really good at making myself go to the gym on a regular basis and all that jazz but then i went on a vacation and that went "right out the window"! So for a few months i have been lazy and kept putting off getting back on a good eating habit or going to the gym! Then it finally hit me last week that i only had a few weeks until PEAK! AND that i need to get back on my diet and exercise program! Last Tuesday night after church Catalina, Shenay and I decided instead of going out to eat like we normally do, that we were going to take a lil walk! Well our little walk turned into about an hour of fast paced walking! It was fun, so it has just "snowballed" for me since then~ I have walked everyday to work, and most days back home! It is a good 30 minutes and by the time i get to work, i don't want to work!:) I have also decided that it is saving me lots of money in gas! Last week i took my car to work on Monday and then i didn't move it until Friday night when we had a youth function in Santa Maria!!! This week started out good as well, and i hope that i can keep it up after i return from vacation!!!! I hope that i have inspired all of you out there in "bloggerland" to save some money, and the environment, and your health and walk to work!!!! :)

Thursday, July 17, 2008


This past weekend we had some of our family in town, and we had such a great time with everyone!!! Above is a picture of my cuz Cadie who now lives in Oklahoma with my Uncle Kendall! She will be going back at the end of this month!
Here is the whole gang at Klondikes Pizza, one of the best pizza places in the world!
After we went to the Melodrama in Oceano, if you have never been, you need to go....great comedy and its clean fun for the family!!! (i should do sales for them!!lol)
Nate, Lyn, Nay and I just bein us!!! ;)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


This past weekend we had some of our family in town visiting!!! It was a whole lot of fun.... On Sunday afternoon we decided to take my cousin John from Georgia, on a ride in the dunes!!! What started out as a nice Sunday afternoon stroll on the beach ended up being really funny!!! We first were just driving along the ocean, and then my Dad decides that we need to go into the dunes!!! We were doing great just going up some lil hills and what not, then we get to competition hill, if you have never been to the Oceano Dunes, then you have no clue of what i am talking about.. Competition Hill has been popular for as many years as my Dad has been riding out there, and they started going out there when he was young! It is a huge dune, which as i understand is not as large as it once was, that people race up and do stupid things!!! Well my Dad thinks that we need to go up this farely large hill next to Competition Hill, granted its not as big as Competition Hill but for our truck that is fully loaded it is plenty large! So we make it up and over and then when we come down the back side of it we are ending up on this narrow passage way that had a "bowl" on each side. ( you also have to be very careful of these "bowls" when you are riding out there because you could roll your vehicle very easily!) As we are going down this hill we have to pick up speed because we need to get over a very large hill in front of us too..... Well needless to say my Dad guns it and we start going, well unnoticed by my father there was a huge rivet in the bottom of this "Valley" that we are trying to go through. I have never been in a truck where i was so concerned! We bottomed out, and as we did, a "wave" of sand came in the truck from the open window and bathed me and my cousin Jennifer in the back seat!!!! Bad idea in the first place to go up the "big" hill.... so my dad backs up and goes at it again! Same thing.... bottoms out and we are "stuck", well on the last time we tried to go up the hill again, so much sand got in between the bottom fog light and the ground that it completely sucked the light out of the hole and was lying on the ground!!!! So we sit there for a few minutes and decide what we are goin to do, mind you Jen and I are dressed to go eat in San Luis for lunch so we are not just in some beach clothes, the guys get out to air the tires down, and we are looking all around us and we are literally sitting in a valley, with these huge dunes all around us!!! FINALLY we get all the tires aired down and my dad goes to the right and in this "bowl" and around to get us out, but even he was a lil doubtful for a second!!!! So by this time i am telling me Dad, "Just go back to the beach!" and he keeps just going over hills and what not!!!! So we finally head back to the beach and go to air up our tires at this lil station that they have set up! The guys get out and my Dad starts airing them all up, well by the time he gets to the front passenger side all i hear is "that's flat!" And i am just thinking to myself, "Are you kiddin me!!!" so we attempt to get out of the other peoples way and change this tire!!!! Comedy central let me tell you! By this time Jen and i decide that we are going to get out and "check things out" Needless to say the whole tire was off the rim!!! So my Dad and Uncle Bill and John are tryin to find out how to get the spare tire down because its some special thing you have to do, after about 20 minutes of trying this really nice young guy comes over and shows them, apparently he had been doing the same thing on the side of the freeway one time for 4 hours before he figured it out!! Thank God he was there because we were already running late! So they get the flat tire off and put the spare on and finally we are on our way!!!! Needless to say i hope that i NEVER have to experience that again!!! But memories will last a lifetime!!!!Here is the flat tire!!!
!Here is John tryin to get the tire out!
and pointing at the tire!!!
the guys tryin to figure it out!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

WAY tour cont.....

Me & Bri, with our "sad" faces on, this is the very last day of tour when everyone was going home!
Brittanie, Naomi, Me, Nicole, Sis Fitz, Kayla, Bri, Rachel, and Cheric....we were all doing the "lips" with Sis. Fitz, but my camera didn't capture her doing the "lips" just everyone else!!! :)
"The Luvs" !!!don't ask!!!
Cheric n I on the way home from Merced!

Our WONDERFUL Leaders!! Bro. Fitzpatrick and Bro Allard!!! Love ya both!!!!
Nicole, Bri, Kayla and I
Jonathan and I on the last day!
us bein crazy!!!!
Well i hope you have enjoyed these pictures!!! WAY tour was AWESOME again this year, it really is a life changing experience! God talked to us through several different people this year and i am so glad that Bro. Fitzpatrick and Bro. Allard were soooo in tune with the Holy Ghost again this year!!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

WAY TOUR 08!!!!!

Prayer in Tulare, before service!!!

Nicole and I, in Dinuba being funny!!
Me, Nicole, Kendra & Lacy, in Merced
Nicole aka LIPS ;) and i

once again! :)
Weston, me and Nicole waitin for practice

My luvs, Nicole and Kayla
Rachel, Nicole, Kayla, Me, Naomi, Bri, Lawerence,& Brandon
my arm compaired to Poohies arm! comedy!!!

Me, Lawerence, Kayla and Nicole in Woodland
Kendra, Naomi and Lacy
Weston, me, Kayla and Nicole
Kayla and Nicole
Bryce and I with our "cool" shoes!

Bri and I
Bri, me and Naomi
The bus ride to Woodland
Kayla and her soon to be husband Aaron!!!
me and Kayla

practice time!
us again!! :)
Liz Johnson, Kendra, Kadee and Abigail
some of the altos!!!
Bri bein Beautiful!!!
Well sorry it took so long, and trust me i have more, so they will be coming soon!!! I will be writin a post on everything that happened on tour!!! Hope everyones summer is going good!!!!