Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Howdy!!!! To all of you who faithfully come to my page to see if i have updated anything, here you go!!!

These past 3 months we have been in revival with Bro. and Sis. Rodney Betts from North Carolina. We have seen so many great things happen in the last 3 months, i am sad that they are leaving! We have been challenged and are on a new level... ready for whatever God has in store for us! NOW is the time!!! There is set before us a GREAT and effectual door! We are ready to walk through it, and the harvest is plenty, already white!!! I'm excited to be a part of all that is happening in the Tulsa area! God is great!!!

This year has been a very interesting one for me so far... a whole lot of good things have happened and some not so good things have happened as well!!! I can only hope that the obstacles that i have been through in this race, called life, are just practice runs for the race that counts!!

if anyone knows how i can update my blog from my iPhone, please let me know! i have tried doing it several times, but can never get the text box to come up when i want to post something!?!!? i am still learning all that my phone can do! I LOVE it though!!!

I will do my best to keep everyone updated on all that is going on! Pictures will come soon!


To ALL my friends and family: I miss you more than you'll ever know! For some of you its almost been a year since i have seen you!!! I can't believe it! I am going to do my best to come to Cali as soon as i can. I have until the end of May at the school, and then i will have to find a job for this summer!!! If i can squeeze a trip in right before i have to get a new job i will!!! I am seriously considering taking James up on his offer to be his and Amy's Nanny!!!!!:) (i know that Nanni Susan would love that too, hehehe) If anyone is interested in coming to see us, i would LOVE to have you come!!! Tulsa is beautiful!!!!

until later....