Sunday, September 27, 2009

Six Flags, Dallas, Fun Fair, Concert!!

The Choir @ the concert... me and Chan playing...

Aus and Chan... awww

" Big Momma" aka funny..she did an awesome job...

The Tent...we used this for Fun Day and we will be having church in it for a few days

We have some of the best sunsets... so when i'm driving i snap a pic... thought you might enjoy them... they are much prettier in person though!

after a big storm the other day the sky turned a really cool orange color, i tried to capture it, but this picture doesn't do it justice!!

Lash and I @ Cheddars

Derrick, Meghan and Nay waiting for our table at Cheddars...they all matched so i had to take a picture! how sweet!!

All of us after church... plus Bro. Meyers and Mikayla Pixler

After eating @ Pappadeaux... Derrick, Me, Lashel, Nay, Brooke, Jeremy, Adam, Tasha, Anthony, Meghan, Dana, Diane, Matt, Daniel, Whitney, Matt and Sis. Meyers...

another Cheesy group shot...

Tasha, Me, Meg and Dana

Me, Lashel, Nay and Whit

Lashel and I

The group at Pappadeaux

The "Gals", well most of us... Whitney, Diane, Me, Dana, Meghan, Lashel and Tasha

Lashel and I, after many rides... i had to keep redoing my hair... good times though

Whit and I @ Six Flags... We had such a great time that weekend... We need to do it again soon!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Howdy.... sorry its been so long since i have updated my blog. I have been super busy with work and church and outreach and choir and on and on and on... lol... its a great life though, i can't complain!!! Our College and Career group is headed for Dallas this weekend. We are going to Six Flags and to church at Bro. Steve Pixlers on Sunday morning and then shopping at the mall and a big outlet mall on the way home!!! I am really excited, its going to be a blast!!! I will definitely post some pictures from the trip when i get home!!! Here are a few pics from the past couple weeks...

My lil Man and Me @ Los Cabos for Labor Day

This is supposed to be a cool pic of downtown at night from the river, but it didn't really come out! We walked about 2 miles one night along the river with a big group of us and needless to say, i was not prepared to do that..i guess i need to keep a change of clothes and walking shoes in my car at all times!! it was so much fun though... making memories!!

Lashel and I @ The Brook, after prayer... it was so cold in there i was ready to order a blanket, but they weren't on the menu!!

Labor Day...

The 3 Amigos...Cheek, Gregg and Meyers...we Love these people...true friends are the best!!!