Sunday, January 3, 2010

Winter Heritage 09-10

I had the privilege of going to Winter Heritage this year in Dallas/Ft. Worth! It was a great experience and i we had so much fun! Got to hang out with some 'old' friends and met some new ones.... here are a few pictures from the trip!

Cheek Boys and I

Tulsa Gurlz in the house!!!! woot... Shelby, Nay, Marissa, and Brooke

Heidi and I @ Cheesecake Fact

The talented sewer aka Whit and I

JoAnna and Bricen Jones.. miss these kids!

Lashel, Me, Nay and Bekki

awwww.... give it up for CALI!!!!

This was my last pic of 2009!!! It was about -100 degrees outside of P.F. Changs, we went out there to 'ring in' the new year!!!

My most favorite person in the whole world!!! Love ya!!!! (JoAnna had just woke up from a nap =) )