Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving 09

Happy Thanksgiving to ya'll, wherever you might be this holiday! I pray that each of you is spending your day with family and friends! We are celebrating with my Grandparents, Uncle and lil Cousin! Can't wait to eat a great meal!!! Have a safe holiday!!! I am thankful for all of you this year! My family and friends mean the world to me! Love ya'll very much!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Everything New

So much had been going on! Last month was crazy, i still can't believe that it went by sooo fast! Before we know it there will be snow on the ground and it will be Christmas!!! I actually am looking forward to a "White Christmas".... well i guess that is if i stay in Tulsa during Christmas!! lol... who knows, still looking for a 'cheap' flight, I'm beginning to think that there are no such things anymore!
Anyways, Grandpa and Grandma Helms along with Aunt Peggy came to Oklahoma to visit Aunt Carlette! While they were here we got to see them and have dinner at Aunt Carlette and Uncle Robert's! It was a ton of fun! It was the first time i had seen their land and it is sooo beautiful, above is a picture of her feeding the cows! They are really cute... can't wait to go back!

a few weeks ago we had a ladies retreat in Bartlesville for our church. Sis. Cathy Clark from California came and did a FANTASTIC job! She had broken her foot right before she came but she was a trooper! It was well worth going and i am so glad that i went, even though i spent WAY to much money in one weekend! Can't wait til next year!!!!

For my birthday a few of us went to Oklahoma City for the day. I have been craving BJ's and i found out they had one in OKC so that's where i wanted to go for my birthday! Even though it took like 2 hours in the restaurant it was well worth it! The food was awesome, but our waiter smelled like he hadn't showered in, ohhh about 5 YEARS!!!! he stunk SO bad... after we ate we went to the mall right next to it! It was kinda ghetto but it was a lot of fun just goofing off and being stupid!
so we saw these 'strollers' and couldn't pass up a photo opportunity!! they hurt really bad, and people were looking at us like we had fallen out of a tree, but it was fun!
here we are again, inside the mall right after our 'photo shoot' in New York and Co. they had an empty window so we decided to act like models.. it was fun, I think Lashel was getting a little embarrassed though!! hehe...
Here is Whit and I @ our CnC Fall Party! We had a bonfire and roasted hot dawgs over the fire! after we moved on the other side of the smoke it was painless! :) Natasha surprised me with a birthday cake since it was on the day of my birthday! We played hide-n-seek in the dark and then went in when it got cold and played pictionary! Our team won, thanks to my exquisite ability to draw!!!!! ahahahah good times!!!
I had to work on my birthday and the sweetest thing happened! My students surprised me with cake and presents and when i walked in the class they had a sign that said 'Happy Birthday, Sis. Gregg' and started singing to me! I almost started crying! needless to say we didn't get much done on Friday! We were all on a sugar high!!!