Saturday, July 12, 2008

WAY tour cont.....

Me & Bri, with our "sad" faces on, this is the very last day of tour when everyone was going home!
Brittanie, Naomi, Me, Nicole, Sis Fitz, Kayla, Bri, Rachel, and Cheric....we were all doing the "lips" with Sis. Fitz, but my camera didn't capture her doing the "lips" just everyone else!!! :)
"The Luvs" !!!don't ask!!!
Cheric n I on the way home from Merced!

Our WONDERFUL Leaders!! Bro. Fitzpatrick and Bro Allard!!! Love ya both!!!!
Nicole, Bri, Kayla and I
Jonathan and I on the last day!
us bein crazy!!!!
Well i hope you have enjoyed these pictures!!! WAY tour was AWESOME again this year, it really is a life changing experience! God talked to us through several different people this year and i am so glad that Bro. Fitzpatrick and Bro. Allard were soooo in tune with the Holy Ghost again this year!!!!