Tuesday, July 22, 2008

~$aving money, energy, and $hedding weight~

For the past week i have been walking to work!!! Can you believe it?!?! Neither can i! I was getting really good at making myself go to the gym on a regular basis and all that jazz but then i went on a vacation and that went "right out the window"! So for a few months i have been lazy and kept putting off getting back on a good eating habit or going to the gym! Then it finally hit me last week that i only had a few weeks until PEAK! AND that i need to get back on my diet and exercise program! Last Tuesday night after church Catalina, Shenay and I decided instead of going out to eat like we normally do, that we were going to take a lil walk! Well our little walk turned into about an hour of fast paced walking! It was fun, so it has just "snowballed" for me since then~ I have walked everyday to work, and most days back home! It is a good 30 minutes and by the time i get to work, i don't want to work!:) I have also decided that it is saving me lots of money in gas! Last week i took my car to work on Monday and then i didn't move it until Friday night when we had a youth function in Santa Maria!!! This week started out good as well, and i hope that i can keep it up after i return from vacation!!!! I hope that i have inspired all of you out there in "bloggerland" to save some money, and the environment, and your health and walk to work!!!! :)


- Lindsy Weidner - said...

Oh Lord..don't tell me your turning "Green" too. I am tired of all this Green junk! haha I don't recycle, I keep my air in the 70's and never turn it off, and for sure don't walk in this 100 degree weather! Such a rebel huh?

Good job for you though! My treadmill is calling my name, but so are the 3 cake mixes I bought last night at the store! ha Love u!

Breanna and David said...

Um for those of us located in Los Angeles, walking to work is nearly impossible (unless you work a couple of miles from work like some blessed individuals who write this blog) i would love to walk, but unfortunately it would take 2-3 hours. i would have to start at 6 in the am and i would prolly get here by lunchtime. :) LOL thanks for the inspiration though. I'll be praying that you lose a ton of weight by Peak! You already look great, but if thats what you want- then i will pray accordingly. i love you muches and i hope you find someone special there. lots of love... ME

Erica Rose said...

Hey girl! Congrats! Lol, I saw quite a bit of me in you talking about how your good eating habits and regular gym-going went right out the window! I so understand! I have had the same problem, but unfortunately walking to work would take a few HOURS for me since I live 20 minutes away from work driving on the freeway. LOL! But, I have started trying to eat healthier! Starting with letting go of some of the caffeine! Take care and keep it up!!

Sheramy said...

Lyn, Well about the whole "green" thing, no i am not turning green, but it is refreshing to know that i am doing a lil bit to help our world!! :) i wouldn't walk in 100 degree weather either, i am not that dedicated!!!

Bre, Well by the time you got to work at least you would be hungry!!! heheh...jk!! anyways yes i hope i do find that "special someone" too! PRAY!! :*) love ya lots and cant wait to see you!

Erica, Its sooo hard to be dedicated to something and then be tempted by all kinds of great looking food, and trust me sweets are my downfall!!! oh well!!! Good luck on eating healthier!!! see ya soon!!!

Rachel and Aaron Roberts said...

I'm with Lindsy - I could never go green. lol! All my cans and bottles go straight into the trash can.

Good idea to walk to work though! Not only for the health of it, but considering gas is a little ridiculous right now.


Sheramy said...

Rachel... i go throw away plastic and metal too!!! I am not going green all the way!!! But i do feel better once i hace walked, there is just somethin about it that is really peaceful and i can actuall stop and think about life and talk to God! its awesome! hope to see you and Levi soon!!!

Rachel and Aaron Roberts said...

Yes - I am def with you on the peacefulness of walking. Aaron and I have been walking/jogging at night and it's very refreshing!

Next time Laura and Mikhael go to Arroyo, I'm gonna try to go as well ... that way I can see them, as well as every one else I haven't seen in what feels like years! ;o)


Bekki said...

Oh my word, I need to start exercizing and losing weight too. lol I have gained 10 of the 20 pounds I lost in December. But yeah, I have a 45 minute drive to work, so I can't start by walking to work. I think it might actually take me days...I am determined to get this weight off before PEAK though! ;)