Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hat Night

Me and Nay...
Me, Gav, and Nay
Moriah, Cat, Nay and I in my car on the way to go eat after service! fun times!!
me and nay! don't care for this pic but oh well!! :)
me just being dumb!

This past Sunday night i decided that i was going to wear a hat! I LOVE hats~ i have about 15 some i wear some are just for decoration! But anyways my sister had one on we decided to take a few pics after service! Gavin was matching us so my mom made him come take a pic with us too!


Rachel and Aaron Roberts said...

The hat's cute, but I really like your hair. It takes talent to be able to make a cute hairdo with a hat! :o)


Sheramy said...

aww thanks! it is really hard to figure out how to do my hair with a hat....but i love wearing them!

Suzanne Winkler said...

Hey Girl! I love your hat. Can't wait to see you in three weeks at P.E.A.K.

MysticsKryten said...

Hay you! glad to see ya'll wearin' a