Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Mason's Party!

Okay so i am just a few weeks behind in posting these pictures, but hey at least i am posting them!! lol! :*) This is me and one of my very best friends, Amber, i miss her soooooo much.......
Mason eating a hot dog.... his party was a monkey theme...it was really cute, there were about 20 little children running around. Did i mention that it was like 102!!!! Yes it was beyond hot! They have a blow up slide that goes into a pool, so the kids were having a blast getting wet and playing in the sun!!!
Okay, um..... the story behind this is that my Dad had some of these little squirt guns that they had as party favors and he kept getting all of us in the face and wherever he felt!!! So i took a cup of water and just got some on his shirt nothing big, but he said if i got him wet he was putting me in the pool!!!!! I didn't think that he would do it, but he meant it!!! He picked me up and dragged me to the pool and literally threw me in....So needless to say i ended up SOAKING WET, in the wading pool, but unlike all the other children i was NOT wearing a bathing suit!!!!
Me trying to wring out my clothes!!!! Oh and we also got Amber in the pool, my sister and i um "accidentally" dumped her in too!!!! So we were wet together!!! Great times!!!
Nate and Lynn at the party!!! Miss and love ya lots! Can't wait to see you soon hopefully!!!