Saturday, September 27, 2008

Crazy week

Well, to say the least, i have had a really interesting week! I won't go into details but lets just say it wasn't really fun! Umm, my blood was at a boiling point...... I pray that this coming week goes a lot smoother! Say a prayer for me in your spare time, i have some very important things coming up that need lots of prayer!!! Love ya!!!


Heidi Condren said...

Hey Sheramy,
Very cute blog! I will definitely keep you in my prayers!!! We serve a God that knows everything...just remember he is walking with you every step you take! Love ya girl and miss ya bunches!!! Heidi

John & Jen said...


You are always in my prayers but especially this week! I will be praying for your "situations" and that God's will be done! I Love and Miss you LOTS! I can't want to see you again!

Hang in there!!

Love ya!

Kendra said...

That's right girl!! You just keep your head up high!! I'll keep ya in my prayers...=) You know I'm always here for ya!!
Love ya tonz!

- Lindsy Weidner - said...

Sheramy your constantly in my thoughts and prayers! Our God is awesome so we need not worry, although it's hard not too. All things will turn out for the best! Love u lots!