Monday, March 31, 2008

YC 08

Youth Convention 08!!!! Well lets just say that i was really glad to see a bunch of friends that i haven't seen in a loooong time!!! Here are a few pictures....

The Sargent Children and ME!!!

Ashtyn and I, this is one of my Buddies!!!

Clint and I

One of my Best buds, Nicole and Me
Nola , Nay and I @ BJS
"The 4 Amigas" Nicole, Me, Kayla, & Bri :)

Lynn and I


- The Weidners - said...

Woo... aren't we cute?!? haha just kidding! It was so great seeing you guys again I miss you so much!!! Love u lots! Come see us soon!

Anonymous said...

Ok Sheramy!!! when are you going to post more pictures?!!:) It was great seeing you! Hopefully ill see you in august!


Sher said...

i will be posting the ones from amc today!!!!