Friday, March 14, 2008

No Limits 08

The Capitol Building, in downtown Sacramento

This past week i had the priviledge of going to No Limits!!!! It was awesome!!!! The preaching was great and we had a mighty move of the Holy Ghost!!! Friday morning services were the best for me, God really dealt with me in that service and it is so awesome to see His hand move!!!! Here are a few pictures from our trip!
A random picture of our shoes, Catalina in black, Shenay in leapord, and of course me in the coolest of all!!! lol

okay this picture is SICK, but this was after church on Thursday night, in the hotel !

Nay, Brittany Godwin, and I ....Just for the record all of these pics were taken @ 3 in the mornin'!!!!!!

Me and Micheal Madriaga after they kicked everyone out of "Someplace Fun"

OK let me explain this pic a little bit, Curt was being funny and had taken a picture of Marissa and I, and made a comment that we were 22 and single! We then told him that he needed to be in the picture too, so as it turned out everyone around us that was either 21 or 22 and single got in this picture..... From Left to right: Michael M, Chris S., Sheramy G, Curt H, Marissa L, Alvy ?, and Gavin B. Sorry i don't know who is standing behind us... Anyway, we all decided to see who was still going to be single next year and who wasn't!!!!

Great times!!!!!