Tuesday, March 18, 2008


This past Sunday morning my baby Vincent was in town visiting his dad, so we took a picture!!! I miss him sooooo much!!!!

this is a picture of Jeff and me and Vinny! Jeff says we look like a lil family!!! Aww.... tear.....

Sunday Night some of the youth went to Applebees for dinner! Here are a few random pictures!!

Nate, Nay, & Jeff....don't ask what they are doing because i don't even know!!!!!

Me and Cat!

Natasha & I

Shenay taking a pic of herself!!

Well i guess i should be writing more on my blog, but every time i have time to blog it usually isn't that long, so i end up just putting pictures up and that's it!!! This week we are headed to Youth Convention in Bakersfield! It will be good to see my friends that i haven't seen in a while! I will post more about it after i get back, and hopefully will have more pictures..... Then we will be home for 2 days, to unpack and re-pack, because we are going to NASHVILLE!!!!! I'm soooo excited.... My grandpa Baglin is preaching at Apostolic Ministers Conference there so we get to tag along.... I will have lots of pictures and stories I'm sure to tell when we get back!!! Lots of stuff happening in the month of March, seems like everything happens at one time.... But that is life!!!! I miss all of my family and friends that i haven't seen or heard from in a long time!!!! I love ya all....