Monday, December 22, 2008

Gregg Christmas 08!!!

My Grandparents bought the boys this little basketball hoop that goes in the bath but we put it on the window in the front room so they could play with it... they were playing pretty good for a while then Camdon decides that he was going to lay on the floor and throw a fit because he couldn't find the ball... so cute!!!

This is the table that my Aunt set for us to eat at...she is soo amazing!!!

Me and Nay posing for a pic in the backyard.... Camdon decided that he was going to pick his nose for this picture!!! :)

This past weekend we had an early Christmas at my Uncle Brian's and Aunt Susan's.... it was soo much fun... i think all we did was eat and eat some more...but that is the fun of the holiday season... it was great to spend time with the family... on Saturday night we played a game called "White Elephant", so that was exciting... everyone stayed at the house so we had people piled everywhere!!! Everyone ready to eat except for me and James who was putting the boys to sleep! :P