Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Aaron & Kayla's Wedding!!!!

Congratulations to some of my best friends... i love you both and pray many special blessing upon your marriage in the many years to come!!!

The lovely couple!!! Yes Kayla is already using the knife on Aaron!!! :)

Cheric and I!

The "Loves" to bad one of us has gotten married...

Now its the 3 stooges

Awww... heart....

The cake! actually i don't think i got to have any of this now that i think about it!!! :(

This is a pic before the wedding...

all of us the night before at Kaylas house!!!!


KAIT said...

omw sheramy! i love your blog! i miss you guys soo much! i cant wait for way choir tour 09!!! :D congrats kayla and aaron! love you guys! :)

<3 kait ("WAY Choir tag-a-long" LOL ;) )

Sheramy said...

Aww so good to hear from you!!!!