Saturday, October 11, 2008

I must apologize for not doing a very good job of keeping up on my page, I have a good excuse but its just that, an excuse!!! I must say that I had a great weekend a few weekends ago! I went down to the greater Los Angeles area, to visit my best friend and to check some things out!! On Saturday night we met up with one of my other best friends Gavin. Beau, Andy, Donavon, Leanna, David, Breanna, Leanna, and Alicia all met up with us and we went to City Walk. If you have never been, i suggest that you do. It is really a fun place to hang out and watch people. It wasn't very crowded like it normally was but there were still a lot of people because it was a Saturday night! If you have never hung out with Beau, you will have no idea what i am talking about....Anyways, we had been there for a while and we were done eating, by the way we went to Tony Romas, my very first time being there! The food was excellent!!! Back to my story, i decided that i wanted some candy from this store called, "Its Sugar", it has every imaginable candy ever made and known to mankind. Well Beau was just acting like his "normal" self, and asked one of the employees if they had any samples. Mind you this is a place where you get a lil bag and you fill it up and it is weighed at the counter.... So he is going around being silly....when we are finished we come out of the store and notice that there were probably 5 security guards standing right out side and they kept looking at us...Beau joking around said, I bet they are here for we walk a little ways and we see Andy on his phone, and he laughs and tells us that he told one of the security guys that Beau was stealing candy in the store!!! Like i said you would have had to be there.... Then he was asking people where Starbucks was located and we would be standing right in front of it!! Comedy central let me tell you...people have no idea what goes on around them..... Then we decided to go to downtown Hollywood..... That is always an experience, lots of people go down there to try and make money by entertaining the random people that happen to be walking down the street..... needless to say we did lots of laughing and people need to look in the mirror before they leave their houses.... you would not believe some of the things that we seen while we were there.....unbelievable!!!!

I am so glad that i was able to go and spend some time down was really good to just relax and have a great time... Church was awesome as usual and i had a great time hanging out with some of my friends that i don't get to see a lot! Oh and by the way if you ever need a good laugh just go to a Barnes and Nobles and sit on the floor near the rack with the little books with all the pointless information in the world.....

Just so you know, i have been in the process of writing this post for about a week.... it seems like every time i sit down to finish it something comes up... so i made up my mind that i was going to finish it tonight!!!

I pray that everyone is having a great Fall season so far.... I can't wait for West Coast Conference, it is going to be fun!!!!


Leeshers said...

Hi Hi... Never seen my name spelt quite like that:)...(Alicia)... That weekend was so much fun... Beau is to much, I just couldn't stop laughing... from him asking where starbucks and Hard Rock Cafe was when they were right in front of him to him dancing with that asian guy... he is too much:)... Also don't forget about that white guy in Hollywood trying to break that was a crack up:) Love you friend

Breanna and David said...

Oh my... that was a hilarious time we had. I can't remember the last time i laughed that hard. What a night! We definitely won't be forgetting any of what happened anytime soon... LOL just remember.. what happens in LA stays in LA, ok?