Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bakersfield Trip

Danny & Delaina Black

This past weekend we had the privilege of attending some of our good friends' wedding!!! It was such a beautiful wedding and they make such a cute couple! I am really happy for them!!

During the wedding was a little hectic, i was in between Amber and my Mom and we had Mason, Vinnie, and Camdon all running back and forth....during one their many loud moments, Vinnie turns to Mason and says..."You're not my friend anymore!!" I think it was over a bag of goldfish or something, but it was pretty hard to pay attention to the wedding when you have 3 little ones talking and asking when they were gonna kiss...... comedy.......

Sorry if some of these pictures are blurry... it was far away and my camera isn't taking very good pictures when it is dark. I tried the whole "inside" setting and the "night" setting too.... oh well!!!

At the reception we set with Nate, Lynn, Clint and Chelsea.... it was really fun and the food was great! They had rented a huge tent to put in the softball field next to the church... It was really different, but very nice......

Another good reason to go to a wedding is to see lots of people you haven't seen for a long time! It was great to catch up on every ones lives.....it seems we get so caught up with everything that we barely find time for ourselves and never any

time for the ones that we love..... oh well part of getting older i guess....

I was really surprised to see one of my best friends there... Miss Bri..... girl i miss and love ya lots...see ya soon hopefully!!!

Here is a pic of Clint and Nate just being themselves!!!!

me and Camdon

Nay and Camdon


- Lindsy Weidner - said...

Enjoyed being with you guys again, hope to see you soon! love u!

Breanna and David said...

How Fun! i dont think i know them... It looked like it was a gorgeous wedding..