Monday, August 25, 2008


I had the privilege of going to PEAK this year in Tulsa, Oklahoma! I cannot begin to describe to you how incredibly awesome it was! The services were beyond description, Bro Jason Calhoun and Bro. Cody Marks did such a great job and were very anointed and in the Holy Ghost! The first night of the conference started with prayer that lasted over 30 minutes, no music, no singing, just magnifying God and praising Him... That is one service that i will never forget! I prayed about some things during that part of the service and when Bro. Marks got up to preach, it was if he was speaking right to me.... God was already answering all of my questions!! We serve a GREAT and MIGHTY GOD!!!! It was great to see a lot of people that i haven't seen for a while and to hang out with some of my good friends!
Bekki Simpson stayed with Nay and I, and we had sooooo much fun! Thanks Bekki for staying with us! Can't wait till next year! "How bout sum sweet teee?" lol.... you just had to be there, we were basically laughing the whole trip! "Didn't want to wake ya'll up, so i just left a note!" (inside joke)
Bekki and I in service the first night
The Hospital where i was born! This is in downtown Tulsa! We were driving by it so i just had to take a picture of it!
This is at the Airport, and i am in to taking really random pictures!

Chris Sindle, Me and Michael Madriaga at a place called "The Brook" or something like that, umm just don't ask! lol....that is mac and cheese that Michael is putting in his mouth and yes its on purpose, we took another picture that was "normal" but the flash was off, so it didn't come out!!! Great memories!!
Guess who??? me in the multi, Nicole in the open toed, Bekki in cream and Nay in black!
after a great service
My Cousins, Shanelle and Natalia!! Love ya both!
Me and Natalia!! Isn't she a doll?!?! Can't wait till i can dress my lil girl in cute clothes and big bows!!

Need i say anything??? We went to Starbucks A LOT !!!!
Austin Deatherage and I
My dear friend Suzanne and I
Whitney, Bekki, Me, Nicole and Delayna
Bekki, me, and Nicole!!

Us again waiting for church to start!
SIBLINGS!!! Stephanie, Me, Nay & Chad
Another long lost friend of mine! Tim Rivers
Nay, Steph and I
Lisa and I.... We went to grade school together back in the day! I miss her, she is married and living in Kansas!!!

Maria and I....luv ya girl.... never forget the late night chat!!!
Me, Curtis, and Nay
P.F. Changs the last night!
The Morrell Family! AWWWW
Church on the last night!!!! OFF THE HOOK!!!! That was such a memorable service! I am so thankful for the presence and the anointing of God that we felt in that place! I believe that God is doing great things in the midst of the young people of our generation! Don't give up! Keep the faith!!! The devil is DEFEATED!!!!! In the end WE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Talias_Mom said...

Yay!! Finally peak pics! Natalia was born at St John, it's the best hospital w/the most incredible delivery nurses!:) N E WAYS!:)~

Britney Hyler said...

SHER~ Love the pix.. Hate that I missed P.E.A.K. this year. It's a MUST for next year. ;) Love ya bunches...

C Hendryx said...

thanks for all the picts :0 and for including ME :) what an AWESOME AMAZEDILICIOUS TIME!!!!

Whitney said...

It was SO good to meet you guys at PEAK! I had a blast! Can't wait till next year! =) I'm sure I'll see you at WCC!

Bekki said...

I am so laughing at the memories you just jogged. That was so much fun! "I keeelllll you..." I have never had my life threatened so much. lol! I so enjoyed everything. And I am soo bad, I haven't mailed the CD's yet. They are in my car, bundled up and ready to send. I will mail them tomorrow PROMISE!!!!

just commenting said...

Your pics are wonderful. You look like you had an awesome time