Friday, August 22, 2008

Grove, Oklahoma

The Saturday after Camp Meeting, Shenay and I flew to Tulsa, Oklahoma! By the way,it is my home town! It was great to be able to see everything again, i haven't been out there in about 10 years! We had a long day that day~ We left our house at 7a.m. and drove to Bakersfield, our flight left at noon. We had a hour and half lay over in Salt Lake City, which that airport was very crowded and apparently there was a lady that had passed out or something, because the fire department and the paramedics were all standing around her! I was getting ready to go invite them to church!! lol!!! When we arrived in Oklahoma we were greeted by my Uncle Kendall and one of the neighbor kids that had rode with him to pick us up! The picture below is me and Nay after a really long day, and you can tell!!!! :+)

We stopped at a place called Kicks 66 Diner, the food was actually pretty good, but my Uncle kept sayin things to the waitress and it was really funny, they probably thought we were extremely weird, but hey it was a lot of fun! It started to rain right when we were leaving the diner. It POURED!!! If you have never experienced an Oklahoma thunder/lightning storm, you are missing out!!It was really neat, but it took us a lot longer to get home!

On Sunday, we slept in and just hung around the house, because my Uncle had to fix the van window, and so he drove his truck to work that day! After he got home we went to a place called Ozzies, its right on the water. The food was excellent, i had fried steak strips!
this was the view from our table!
Nay, Kendall, and Cadie
Cadie and I
This is Cadie at Rib Crib, we went there on Monday night, very good food, and great atmosphere!

Kendall and Cadie @ Rib Crib
Me and Nay
Had to take a picture of the sign! Oh and by the way Grove, OK has a SUPER WALMART!!!! Can you believe that?? We don't even have one of those! This restaurant is right in front of there! Of course we went to WALMART about 4 times when we were there! Also on Monday we drove around the town and went shopping in all there lil boutiques and random shops!
A water tower with Grove on it!
This was on Tuesday, Nay and I drove to Joplin, Missouri to go shopping at the mall, and as soon as we seen our exit there was a Cracker Barrel, another thing that you are missing out on, if you have never been!!! The food was incredible! They serve HUGE portions, as you can see... That was Chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes, french fries, fried apples, a biscuit, corn bread muffin and SWEET TEA!!!! okay okay, i didn't eat it all, but it sure was tempting!!!

This is a McDonalds, that is over the freeway, this is on the interstate about 20 minutes from his house!
Sailboat Bridge takes you into Grove, and this goes over Grand Lake, which covers about 1700 miles of shore line and goes through 7 towns.... i didn't realize that the lake was this big, when my uncle was explaining that he lived right by the lake! Well it is BEAUTIFUL!!!! His house is right by the lake, you can see it out of his back window and if i threw a rock i could hit the lake!!!
This is a random picture that i took when i was driving, i really like it though! It looks like it has a story behind it, maybe one day I'll blog about the straight road, or something!!
Me drivin! And that ends the pictures from Grove! We had such a great time and i wish that i could've stayed longer! Can't wait to go back!!!


Anonymous said...

Too cool! Looks like you all had fun. Wish I was there.

Love ya

Aunt Ruthie

Rachito said...

Well it looks like you have been having a fun summer!I'm jealous! When are you going to come back to Burbank to visit?

Aunt Becky said...

Looks like you and Nay had a very busy trip. Grove, OK looks nothing like I thought it would look. Miss you guys. Hope to see you soon.
Love Aunt Becky

Kellee said...

Great pics! Looks like you all had a good time. It is good to see that Kendall is doing well. Tell him I said hello!

Tambalina said...

Sheramy..... its Tamsen from sac!!! hey I thought i would comment on your blog but didnt know where! lol Then I saw the McDonalds over the freeway, we went there on our way to Ohio. So I thought I would just share lol