Monday, April 14, 2008


This is one of the many fountains! The view from our balcony! Sorry its on here twice that's what happened last time i tried to upload all the pictures and it deleted the whole thing, so i am not even going to try to do it this time!!!! :)

this is Chris Calhoun sitting on a stool in The Rainforest Cafe!

Shenay and I after service in the lobby!
Bricen Jones and I :)
This is one of my best friends!!! I love her to death!!!! She is such an inspiration to me and she will never know how much she really means to me!!!!

Allysa and I >>>>> Natalia and I!!!

Allysa, Britney, Me and Nay !
Going to Nashville was one of the greatest trips that i have ever been on! It was so much fun and i got to spend some quality time with my Grandparents and my mom! It was great to see some of my family and close friends that i haven't seen in a while! The services were awesome!!!!!


- Lindsy Weidner - said...

Glad you had fun and that you FINALLY got the pictures up! ;o) Love u!

Becky said...

Looks like you had a great time. And it looks beautiful there. Tell everyone we said HI. Love and me you guys. Hope to see you soon.
Love Aunt Becky

Anonymous said...

FINALLY!!:) That baby is the most beautiful baby, I have ever seen;) I wish she wasnt crying in the pic, she was SO TIRED!