Wednesday, February 6, 2008


As you all know, yesterday was "Super Tuesday"! I had the priviledge of working at a polling place for 15 1/2 hours!!! This is my 5th year working with the elections, and to be honest it is a lot of fun. Working in the community every day i got to see a lot of my customers and also see a lot of other new faces! What else is interesting, is the way that people vote, or how they try not to say what party they are with! My job is to look up their name and have them sign, and then tell whoever is incharge of handing out the ballots what party they are with! Our team came up with just saying the color of the ballot instead of letting everyone in the building know what party they are voting for, and trust me some people get REALLY upset if you say thier party out loud!!! We had several couples come in to vote and cancelled the other ones vote out!!! Comedy!!! This one couple was voting the same party, but apparently for different people, she had gotten her ballot and he was still signing, and he leaned over and said, Democrate too please, but i'm NOT voting Hillary like Her, referring to his wife. Well she didn't find that to amusing, she had already started voting about 3 booths over from him and looked up and said, " Why do you always have to say that!" Needless to say it was rather funny and our table had a good laugh at it!!!! Voting is seroius bussiness....don't mess with a serious voter...its not fun!!!!

I hope you all voted!!! and that your voting experience was as fun as mine was!!!