Thursday, February 21, 2008


Okay so its been awhile since i have done anything to my blog, or updated it!!!! My humblest apologies!!!

This last few weeks has been fun, we had a youth party, my sister turned 19 and Gavin turned 21!!! So here are a few pictures from those events!!! this is Jamie from my church..... let me explain this game... We have a few couples in our church that are from Brazil, This is a game that they play, you get 3 cards and you have to try to get 3 or a kind, one person starts out with 4 cards, and then you pass one card from person to person. Well the last person to drop their cards on the table gets marked on the face by the first person to drop their cards!!! Very intense, easy game!!!! Fun too!!! LETS JUST SAY I DIDN'T WIN!!!! HAHAH

We went to eat for Shenays birthday at Cool Hand Lukes...


- The Weidners - said...

Hey, it cut off one of yours pics!!! Happy b-day Wilma (inside joke) I love u lots!! ;o)

Chandra said...

I had to re-read the part about Shenay's age. I mistakenly read that she turned 21. I nearly had a heart attack! Give her a big hugg, and tell her happy LATE b-day from me!!

Aaron & Rachel Roberts said...

Hey Sheramy

Just wanted to leave a comment so you could check out my blogs as well. It was nice seeing you in Sacramento :)