Saturday, January 12, 2008


well today is Saturday. For most normal people Saturdays is a day to sleep in, relax and do whatever you want. But for me Saturdays is a day of work, as i type this my hair is in a towel and my oatmeal is heating up, and I'm taking time to check my email and hurry and eat breakfast before i have to be at work in about 40 minutes...... Life puts us sometimes in places that we never thought we would be in. God places us in situations and through the trials and obstacles we find out the beauty of them when we reach the end, or the top of the mountain.... Well like i said i am off to work, hope your weekend is filled with lots of fun!!!! Have a great one!!!!


Shane Eccles said...

So true!

Great Blog! Hope things went well for you all in '07 and continue in 2008!