Wednesday, January 23, 2008

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Katie, Breanna, Me and Natasha!!!

Howdy.... Well its been awhile since i have blogged last, i will apologize, but not much has happened. Its raining right now so its kinda cold. Work is work, and its been stressful and eventful the past 2 weeks! Church has been awesome! We have been having some really great services lately!!! We had a wedding reception for a new couple in our church last Saturday so here are some pics from that!!! Hope all is well!!!!


- The Weidners - said...

Hey you! Thanks for commenting on my jacket! is everything in Arroyo? I miss u guys lots you need to come visit us soon! Hey, do you have a pic of the bride and groom? I wanna see the happy couple! Make sure and tell Katie hi for me! Love and miss u lots and lots! Tell the family hi!