Thursday, December 6, 2007

Way Choir!!!

This past summer i had the privilege to go on tour with the Western district All state Youth Choir! We had such a good time that it would take me several days without stopping to tell you all the good things that happened. We were able to go on a bus and travel all the way up to Portland, Oregon. That was the furthest stop on the trip. We had several devotion times on the bus that were life changing, we would sing and cry and laugh and have a great time. That trip holds so many great memories for me, and many of the services that we were in are landmarks in my life and my ministry! Bro and Sis Fitzpatrick and Bro and Sis Allard are such AWESOME people, they really have a burden for young people and for the work of God. There is no telling how many people will be blessed as a result of WAY tour 07, it was unlike any other year by far, and God anointing and power was soooo strong everytime we sang you could not just stand there!!! We learned a lot of valuable lessons on that trip, how to trust God even when we really don't see Him in the midst of a bad situation. We were coming to the end of our tour and we were singing in the Portland church, and while we were singing, someone was going through all of the girls purses stealing our money. I realized this on the way to the house we were staying at, i looked in my wallet to get some money and there was none, i thought maybe one of the girls was playing a trick on me, but come to find out everyone lost money!!! We were very sad, and we couldn't see the good in it, but we prayed that night and asked God to help whoever stole from us and we put it all in His hands. The next church that we went to in Eureka had found out that we got our money stolen, they took an offering to pay us back plus they had some left over!!!! Isn't our God great!!! He works in ways we cannot see. I could go on for ever and ever about all the wonderful things but i should stop. I made friends on the trip that will last a lifetime!!!!!!! Love all of you sooo much!!!!