Thursday, December 27, 2007

This and That

Sorry i haven't been blogging very much lately.. I have been busy, which by the way is no excuse for not keeping up my blog. Christmas is finally over but this year has gone by super fast, it seems as though it was yesterday that i was graduating high school and this coming June it will have been 4 years already... WOW where does time go?? I sometimes wish i could go back to being 10 again, where i didn't have any responsibilities and i could just be a kid, but such is life eh?? New years is quickly approaching and nothing new has been happening around here. I do believe that this coming year is going to be a great year though. I am looking forward to see what is going to be around the next bend in the road!!!! I do miss all of my friends and family that i haven't seen for a seems as we get older the father away we get from the ones that mean something to us. Taking time to just write a post is hard to find on some days, not to mention trying to get a phone call in, between schedules.... Well i guess that is all for now, just wanted you to know that i was still alive and NO I'm not married, engaged or dating or even "talking" to anyone! ;) I think its funny how rumors get started sometimes!!!!! lol....anyways hope your week is filled with happiness!!!!


-Weston- said...

I hear you when you say that it seems like time is flying. It does seem like I just graduated. I always thought my parents were crazy when they said that. lol

Tyler Sullivan said...

lololololol looks like you had a good christmas! Nice!

Sher said...

Weston...Yes time is flying... but i guess that is part of life... Yes Ty i had a great Christmas!!! Hope you did too!!!