Thursday, August 5, 2010


So many great things have happened last

month!!! We got to see my baby cousin, and the rest of my family!!! The plan rides there and back were enough to make me want to kill somebody but I kept my cool and we made it home a day later than schedeled!!! Thank you to my uncle Brian, Aunt Susan, James and Amy you made our week wonderful! I miss and love you all soooo much!!!


We have been doing stuff with for college and career. We went to Oklahoma city to the zoo and shopping it was loads of fun!!!!

Bryson came to peak this year and got to hang out with us!!!! It was so much fun and he is sooo sweet I came home the other day to flowers!!! Thanks again Bryson!! Love ya!!!

So many other great things are happening to... I love my job!!!!


Good things come to those who wait!!! Timing is everything. Just when you aren't looking for something it usually shows up in your back yard!! It's been right in front of me the whole time!!!! Can't wait to see what will happen in the near future! I'm SO excited, I just cant hide it!!!!!

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