Thursday, March 11, 2010


Here are some pictures from my trip to Arizona this past weekend!! They are not in order so please excuse me.... :)

THANK YOU to Uncle Greg and Aunt Ruthie for picking me up from the airport, letting me stay with you, and taking me back! I miss you so much already. I wish we lived closer! I guess i could always be your Nanny! :) LOVE YOU!!!

Caden... i haven't seen him in probably a year! I cannot believe how big he is getting..he is such a little man!!!

Michael and Connor on our way to church Sunday they wanted me to sit in the middle back there with them, they were soo cute!

this isn't the best picture, but everyone that we tried one of the kids wasn't looking or talking...

Connor.. Michael decided that he wanted to do this face and so he and Connor both wanted their picture taken like this...

Michael...such hams

Me and all the kids... Treven, Caden, Erica, Taylor, Conner and Michael... after eating!

Ms. Erica... She is such the little doll!

Ashtyn, Me and Mr. Caden

Suzanne and I at rehearsal, i was SO sick that night

on the wedding day! She looked gorgeous!!! Everything was so pretty, such a sweet wedding and a great turn out! I am so glad that i was able to go and be a part of it!

Me and Lora ... can't wait for baby Caleb to get here!!!

MR. & Mrs. Jordan Riley!!!!!!

Gavin, Chad and Lauren... I CANNOT believe how tall the boys are getting. i miss them so much! Its hard to believe that i used to babysit them when they were little... makes me feel really old!!! :)

group shot of the wedding party!

Coming into Tulsa...i LOVE flying... this time though it was a little painful, with being sick my ears practically exploded... Funny story... As soon as i got on the plane to come home, i was coughing and the guy right in front of me to the left, turned in his seat and glared at me!! LOL it was really funny i couldn't help but laugh...I'm sure that the people on the plane really enjoyed hearing me coughing my lungs up!