Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Birthday JAYDEN!!!!!

Jayden, i can't believe you are "1" ALREADY!!!! How time really does fly! I remember like it was yesterday that your Mommy and Daddy took me to eat and told me that they were going to have a baby! Then i could hardly wait to find out if you were going to be a boy or a girl! We were so excited that you were going to be a boy and then it was the wait for you to make your grand entrance into this big world! I will never forget the time that i went to the Americana with your Mom and Dad, and you were still in your Mommies tummy, we sat in the floor of Barnes and Noble and laughed until we were crying!!! The first time we thought you were going to come we rushed down to see you....BUT.... you didn't want to be born we waited another week and you finally decided you wanted to get out of that little space and experience life! I am so glad that i was able to see you within minutes of your arrival! You were such a cute little guy and we got to spend some quality time that morning while your Momma got to rest!!! I miss and love you so much!! You better tell your Mommy to come see me, so i can squeeze you and hold you like i did that morning. Although, I'm not sure you will enjoy it now that you are growing up!!! Auntie MeeMee loves you very much!!!!

the picture on the top is of Jayden in his first outfit. of course his Auntie MeeMee had to make sure he looked all cute to meet the visitors coming to see him. As soon as i got it all on him, his doctor came in to check him out and took EVERYTHING off him!! LOL... Bre and I just laughed!

Our first picture together!!!

this was right after he was born!! awwww.. so adorable!!!


Breanna and David said...

Sheramy Diane... you have to stop posting stuff that makes me cry!! I miss you more than life itself...
Hugs and Kisses from Me and Jayden... We love you so much