Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What my name means!!!

S is for Swanky
H is for Hot
E is for Elitist
R is for Relaxing
A is for Alluring
M is for Marvelous
Y is for Yummy

just so you know, i didn't make this up... i seen this on Erica's page and wondered what my name means...


- Lindsy Weidner - said...

You're "yummy'?? haha....will I see you this weekend?

Sheramy said...

Umm I guess!!! I'm not really sure since I don't make a point of eating myself!!! Hahah!!!! Anyways I guess that's all they could come up with for 'y'!!! Yes u will see me!!

Dwight Giesmann said...

Definition of swanky!
Swank: Imposingly fashionable and elegant.

Erica Rose said...

LOL LOVED Your meaning! I laughed out loud when it said yummy! LOL

Sheramy said...

Yah Erica.... i laughed when i saw that one too... oh well, i don't really know how yummy i am!!! lol!!!